Exhibit 4.4





Twelve Month Fixed Rate (12%) Convertible Loan


Loan Amount (Principal): $100,000
Points: 4.0 ($4,000 reduced from Principal)
Cash-in Amount: $96,000
Interest: 1% per month, paid monthly on Principal ($1,000)
Kicker: 10,000 shares restricted common stock – earned upfront
Closing Date: Friday, April 8, 2022
Due Date (Principal): April 8, 2023
Due Dates (Interest): Monthly (May 8, 2022 – April 8, 2023)
Maturity Date: April 8, 2023 (principal & last interest payment due)
Grace Period (GP) - Interest: 3 Business Days
Penalty after GP - Interest: $1,000/week, starts on Day 1 post-GP.
Grace Period (Principal): 5 Business Days
Penalty after GP - Principal: $2,000/week, starts on Day 1 post-GP.
Default: If loan unpaid at end of 5-day GP, PBIO is in Default
Security: 200,000 PBIO Shares Held in Escrow at Computershare
Voluntary Conversion: Before Maturity Date, at $2.50/share
Mandatory Conversion: Upon Up-list @ Lower of $2.50/share or Up-list Price




XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX   Date   Richard T. Schumacher   Date
Accredited Investor       President & CEO    


March 31, 2022.$100k Note